Lita Return Rumors, Nexus to Split Up Soon, J.J. Dillon may be inducted in WWE Hall of Fame

WWE Universe may not be happy with the news, but Amy “Lita” Dumas has no plans to return to WWE or professional wrestling any sooner. Last Monday, she made an appearance on RAW which caused rumors about Lita’s return. But she actually made a visit to Raw to meet Pee Wee Herman as she’s a huge fan. WWE used this opportunity and planned a small cameo with her on Live TV.

WWE creative team has planned to split Nexus soon after Wrestlemania 27. This group of wrestlers was the finalists of WWE NXT Season I. Storyline-wise; they were lead by the NXT Season I Champion Wade Barrett and were given a considerable push. WWE thinks now it’s time for them to try their hands in singles wrestling.

J.J. Dillon, a former professional wrestler and the founder of Four Horsemen, may be inducted this year’s class of WWE Hall of Fame. Dillon was the strategic leader of the original Four Horsemen that consisted “Nature Boy” Ric Flair, Tully Blanchard, Arn Anderson and Ole Anderson. Dillon may not be inducted individually but as a member of this group.


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