Team 3D about WWE, Triple H’s Post-Wrestling Career, Macho Man Back with WWE

Former WWE superstar and current TNA Tag Team specialist Brother Ray recently had an interview where he poured his heart out to the fans. The WWE Universe might be upset to know that neither he nor Brother D Von has any plans to return to WWE. They are quite happy to play their roles in TNA. They admitted that WWE means a lot more money and glamour as a professional. He also admitted the things he learned there, but he feels the company doesn’t have any strong Tag Team in their roaster.  There is no more Edge & Christian, Too Cool, Acolytes or Hardys to work with now-a-days.  WWE may not be interested to re-hire then either but the point Team 3D has raised sounds to be valid.

There might be a role change for Triple H soon. Hunter is now out of the ring but is expected to return soon. But sources believe he is gradually planning his career away from the ring and studying the pros and cons of marketing.  He already has a good grip over the creative requirements in the business. Stephanie currently is spending more time at home with her three kids. SmackDown writer Michael Hayes and Raw’s Brian Gewirtz, as a result, are given more creative powers in her absence.

Former WWE superstar “Macho Man” Randy Savage is back in WWE! Not in person though, but as a playable character in the upcoming WWE All Stars video game. The game is set to release on 29th March, 2011.  Along with Macho Man, you can also find The Rock, John Cena, Steve Austin, Bret Hart, Big Show, Triple H and Sheamus in the game. The news has now been confirmed and WWE Universe is eagerly waiting for the release of the game.

You can find the trailer starring Macho Man here.


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