Kevin Nash vs The Big Show: Kevin Nash breaks his silence

You call him Diesel or Kevin Nash, the 7 feet tall wrestler is surely a name to reckon with in wrestling business. Kevin Nash who recently made a comeback to WWE and appeared in the Royal Rumble pay per view of the company; had a brief stint in the 30 men Royal Rumble main event. He was eliminated after some time; however, many fans still remember him going eye to eye with Big Show.

No doubt, WWE fans will be enthralled if they get to see these two huge superstars go one on one inside a wrestling ring. Initially, there were anticipations regarding a possible Kevin Nash vs. The Big Show match at WrestleMania 27, but that never happened. Kevin Nash recently broke his silence on why he did not appear in WrestleMania 27 and he stated that he wanted to give a young wrestler chance to prove himself. However, when asked about this match, Kevin Nash promptly replied that he also is looking forward to the match and will love to battle in SummerSlam.

Now, it will be an uphill task for WWE creative team for sure to build momentum for this match. Be it SummerSlam or WrestleMania 28, a match like Kevin Nash vs. The Big Show will always draw audience, provided both the wrestlers are in their best shape.


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