SmackDown ratings dipping: possible steps to recovery

As time passes by, the ratings for WWE show SmackDown is only seeing a decrease. The June 3rd episode of the show featured a WWE Championship match between Randy Orton and Sheamus, however, that was not enough to generate a good rating. The match was pre-advertised, still, the show only managed a cable rating of 1.77. It is less than the cable rating for last 2 weeks as well (May 20th – 1.89 and May 27th – 1.83).

SmackDown is not a live show. The original show is taped in Tuesday and the same is telecasted on Friday. Quite obviously, it is never possible for SmackDown to get ratings like a live show, such as RAW. In addition, apart from a few, most of the wrestlers in SmackDown are not the first grade superstars. SmackDown hence off late, has been known as the show where new talents are created, only for being shifted to RAW later.

Now the question arises what are the possible steps that SmackDown should take to recover the ratings? It’s been long since the show had 3 million or more visitors, so it’s high time to do something. Maybe, bringing some prominent superstars back such as The Undertaker (Does not seem to be a possibility considering his physical condition), creating some good match-ups or starting fresh and interesting rivalries will do the trick.


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