WWE planning to develop a brand in India

India is definitely a big market and now WWE has also started to increase their fan base in this Asian country. They already have The Great Khali in their roster and recently they added Jinder Mahal to the list as well. Incidentally, The Great Khali enjoys immense popularity among Indians and this is one of the major reasons why WWE decided him to team up with Jinder Mahal, the latest Indian entry in WWE.

According to insiders, WWE is planning to develop Mahal-Khali as a monster tag team and once they garner some attention, turning them into babyface. This will not only make the Indian viewers happy, but new storylines can be created as well. As far as Jinder Mahal is concerned, he has a good body, his features are sharp and he can, after Alberto Del Rio, be turned into a vital foreigner heel. However, his in-mic skills are yet to be tested properly.

Apart from bringing new WWE talents, WWE has also opened up a few new offices in India. Within the next few years, the company intends to develop a WWE brand in India and sign many other Indian wrestlers as well. After all, a proper utilization of India’s wrestling heritage can bring WWE huge benefits.


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