CM Punk leaving WWE: Is this for real?

The WWE universe is abuzz with the possibility of CM Punk leaving WWE. When CM Punk cut his promo on RAW a few weeks ago, the entire WWE universe was stunned. It won’t be wrong to describe this event as something that never ever took place in WWE. After all, many of the rivalries that WWE universe has seen in the past included personal attacks, but none of them really saw some wrestler mentioning name of WWE Creative Head (He actually bashed John Laurinaitis).

CM Punk Controversial RAW Promo

However, because of the recent events, it does not seem likely that CM Punk will leave the wrestling company at all. You may ask why, especially after the numerous remarks that Punk made about Vince McMahon, his daughter and son-in law. It however looks like to be a ploy, altogether. Reasons? Here are the ones I could think about:

The words that Punk used in the promo for fans

If you are cutting a real promo describing how much you hate WWE, you don’t need to abuse the fans. CM Punk just did that! He abashed fans who cheered for him and that somehow according to me hints about a cayfabe storyline here.

This whole negotiation episode between CM Punk & Vince McMahon

If Vince McMahon would have really wanted, he could easily fire CM Punk. He did not have any need to bring CM Punk in RAW and lift the suspension based on the words of John Cena (No matter how big a star he is, it is not feasible to believe that he can actually force the owner to keep someone in the company, that’s very much like plotted). Moreover, these entire urge to suddenly sign CM Punk and actually seeking forgiveness from two of the former WWE superstars is a bit exaggerated.

CM Punk & Vince McMahon Contract Signing – Part I

CM Punk & Vince McMahon Contract Signing – Part II

The match between CM Punk and John Cena

Money In The Bank features this main event between John Cena and CM Punk. If WWE really intended to leave CM Punk out of his contract, why would they consider featuring the same guy in the main event of pay-per-view? WWE is not that kind company to bid such a wonderful farewell to its employees (I hope fans did not forget what Rick Flair did to the company after receiving such a wonderful farewell).

John Cena’s injury

Nothing to panic! John Cena does not have a major injury, but yes, a bit of rest will do good for him. Remember the stipulation that Cena will have to leave WWE if he loses to Punk? John Cena may lose (That’s just a possibility and this article does not say he indeed will) at MITB and CM Punk may be handed over the Championship. That will mean a big boost for the former ROH wrestler and will give WWE the much needed break from its rather crappy storyline of the last few years.

All of these mentioned in this write-up is rather based on prediction only. However, the things really hint towards one thing and that’s what I thought like sharing with the readers of Wrestler Speaks. However, everything will be crystal clear after MITB this Sunday. To conclude with, if CM Punk leaves, that will not only be a big loss for WWE but for the fans as well. Punk is really talented and his in-ring skills are definitely better than most of the superstars out in the company now.


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