The Undertaker Dead – Is It A Hoax?

Is The Undertaker Dead? The reign of the King of darkness is over? Well, WWE fans were stunned after WWE Smackdown’s June 4th, 2010 telecast as the show hinted something similar to such disturbing news. As the show kicked off, Smackdown GM Theodore Long announced that “The Phenom” was beaten severely by several unknown entities last weekend and was left in a vegetable state. There is no perfect update about his conditions but it seems that he is dead. Kane, the kayfabe brother of the Undertaker was featured throughout the show and he was in pursuit of the man or men behind taker’s death. Kane vowed in front of the WWE fans that he will find out and make the culprit pay for his deeds.

Hey Guys! Don’t worry. Mark Calaway is absolutely fine in real life. Neither WWE has any plans to drop the character of The Undertaker all of a sudden. Actually during a match with Rey Mysterio for Tuesday’s TV taping, Mark broke his orbital bone and nose. He will be out of action for nearly 6 to 8 months. WWE, therefore, have decided to use this injury in the storyline to draw some serious attention to Smackdown. It seems that he plan worked well as “Undertaker Dead” keyword has been one of the three most searched keywords on the web last week.

Many fans must have noticed that The Undertaker aka Mark Calaway has been slowing down a lot in recent years. No doubt, this man is an incredible legend and has been one of the key wrestlers behind WWE’s success over the years. But let’s face it, he’s 45 and his body can’t take the fierce beating as it could some 5 to 6 years ago. Taker’s injury has made it impossible for him to participate in the upcoming PPV “Fatal 4 Way”. Now it’s up to WWE creative writers, they have an unexpected chance to use their grey matter and work on “Undertaker Dead” storyline. Let’s wait and watch what they can come up with.


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