New 02.21.11 Promo Update, Triple H Named as Most Over-rated Wrestler, WrestleMania 27 Host Revealed

The fans may be disappointed about the news but as days are passing by, Sting joining WWE is looking more like a rumor. Now it seems the 02.21.11 Promo was meant to glorify the return of The Undertaker. In fact, there are a couple of things that go against the ‘Sting coming to WWE’ story. In Sting’s official website, the calendar shows he is booked for TNA’s PPVs till July 15th (TNA- Victory Road).  The possibilities, however, of Taker’s return as “The Deadman” is thin as he was “Buried Alive” by Kane. Logically, returning as “The Deadman” will intensify his feud with Kane in which WWE creative team, apparently, is not interested anymore.  Interestingly, Wrestler Speaks found a video that was, as per some rumors, uploaded at initially and was later replaced. You can see that rumored video here. However, if you follow carefully, the first half of the video  looks different from the second half; clearly confirming it to be a hoax.  But whoever is behind this promo, things are surely getting more mysterious.

Recently, published a list of 25 most over-rated wrestlers of all time. But the news is, Triple H is crowned with the No. 1 position in the list. Triple H is a 13 time World Champions but was also named Most Overrated in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter awards on three consecutive occasions (2002, 2003 and 2004) and again in 2009. wrote, “If Triple H was as great as people say he is, the past 13 years of constant pushes shouldn’t have just turned him into another Rock or “Stone Cold,” it should have gotten him elected King of the Universe.” The rest of the list is as follows:

25. Diesel

24. Arn Anderson

23. Alberto Del Rio

22. Jerry Lynn

21. Shelton Benjamin

20. Verne Gagne

19. Jeff Jarrett

18. Sabu

17. Finlay

16. Christopher Daniels

15. Mr. Anderson

14. William Regal

13. Indy Geeks (Mike Quackenbush pictured)

12. Randy Orton

11. Gorgeous George

10. Scott Hall

9. Dean Malenko

8. Owen Hart

7. Christian

6. Curt Hennig

5. Miss Elizabeth

4. Jerry “The King” Lawler

3. Giant Baba

2. Hulk Hogan

1. Triple H

The Rock is officially declared as the Host of WrestleMania 27 on Raw yesterday. During his promo on Raw, The Great One called out John Cena and expressed his wish to meet him face-to-face at the WrestleMania PPV. He also mocked John Cena’s look and promos.  John Cena responded to The Rock’s comments on Raw via Twitter. He wrote, “CeNation. Rock was in rare form tonight. It was great to see him enjoying himself out there. Even if it was at my expense. I’ve been Called alot worse. Just glad to see him back in action.” Can you smell what is cooking over here?


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