Bret Hart on WWE’s Detachment from Wrestling

No matter how hard Vince McMahon tries to distance WWE from wrestling; the veterans of the game as well as the legends will never accept this concept. An example of the same was found recently when WWE Hall of Famer Bret “the Hitman” Hart was interviewed by a British tabloid. Bret found the company’s decision to be “confusing”.  Bret said, “I am kind of scratching my head about that”. He believes wrestling will always remain wrestling, no matter whatever name you use to address it and WWE is synonymous to wrestling. Bret thinks the game is changed now-a-days; youngsters prefer wrestlers like HBK or Bret Hart over people like Hogan or King Kong Bundy who were more like body builders, strongmen or power lifters.  Bret also said he heard Shawn Michaels wanted to get inducted into WWE Hall of Fame by him but Bret felt Triple H inducting Shawn makes most sense. Bret also expressed his run in WWE since his reunion and is always ready to give fans moments they would love.


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