Samoa Joe to leave TNA for WWE soon?

If you are a fan of current TNA superstar Samoa Joe, then there’s some news that will cause you excitement. Samoa Joe may soon leave TNA, only to join WWE, the biggest wrestling promotion of today. It has been reported that Samoa Joe is not interested in renewing his TNA contract and has already started negotiating with WWE. He believes that there is no growth for him in TNA and this is the right time to make the current move.

WWE is not holding things back either. They see potential in Joe and actually are interested in using in either of their shows. If insider reports are to be believed, Samoa Joe may be given a prominent role in WWE if he indeed joins the company.

There has been no official confirmation from either side regarding this potential contract signing. Even if Samoa Joe signs, there is no certainty regarding his date of first public appearance for WWE either. We are not sure how WWE will plan storylines for Joe, but it may turn out to be a big blow for TNA. After all, Samoa Joe is one of the few superstars who have attained fame in TNA.


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