Michael Bisping vs. Dan Miller: UFC 114’s Co-Main Event is Building Up

Michael Bisping and Dan Miller, the two competitors in UFC 114’s co-main event are in contrasting frame of mind. Fans believe this will make Saturday’s event at MGM Grand Garden even more interesting. The last year was a nightmare for Dan Miller in his personal front. His newborn son, Daniel Miller Jr. is having some serious health problems. Miller lost his beloved daughter in last May. To make the situation even worse, his UFC career is also standing in a crucial juncture. In his two recent performances against Chael Sonnen and Demian Maia; Miller fell short by his standards as he lost both the matches. He believes this will be his last chance to prove his worth in this promotion. In an interview, Miller made it very clear that I spite of all the turbulences in his personal life, nothing other than Michael Bisping will be in his mind in those 15 minutes on Saturday night.

Michael Bisping, on the other hand, looks a lot more prepared and confident for the match. He was the champion of “The Ultimate Fighter” (TUF) season three. In spite of his recent loss against Wanderlei Silva in last February, he feels confident to take Miller out this time. Bisping has failed to be a popular guy among the fans and critics. Since his arrival as a competitor in TUF 3 and his tenure as a coach in TUF 9, the fighter has been criticized a lot. But it seems such criticisms won’t affect him anymore as he looks totally focused for his bout against Miller. His girlfriend has recently given birth to their third child and the fighter misses his dear family very much. Bisping has plans to visit his family after the event and spend some quality time back home.


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