When will The Undertaker return to WWE?


I wrote a post previously on The Undertaker’s physical condition post WrestleMania 27 and how he is battling injuries. It received overwhelming response and here goes the latest update on The Undertaker and his probable WrestleMania 28 plan.

Putting all rumors aside, The Undertaker is indeed returning. This may well be for the last time, but, we most probably will see him in WrestleMania 28. But, he is not returning on that event, but probably way before that. WWE originally had plans of making the deadman return on SummerSlam or Night of the Champions, but, that’s not going to happen. WWE, on October, will have a revamped Vengeance pay-per-view and in their latest magazine issue, they have teased a possible return of The Deadman on that event. Incidentally, it was in 2007, when for the last time, Vengeance was billed as a pay-per-view. If the 46-year-old wrestler however does not get completely fit by that time, he will ultimately return on Survivor Series or Royal Rumble.

The Undertaker is currently on a recovering stage and has started mild training as well. He doesn’t have any plans of wrestling post WrestleMania 28, but for the last few months, when he will be inside the ring, Taker wants to enjoy every moment of it and probably entertain fans like never before. Who does not love to see The Undertaker in his best and the wrestling legend is actually planning to provide fans some damn good matches before ending his long illustrious career.

Very Recently, we have received an update that The Undertaker is indeed returning for WrestleMania 28. Want to know more about it? Click Here.

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