WWE’s “Over the Limit” – A Review

In recent times, WWE has taken a fresh, new approach to the weekly shows and pay per views. You can now find new house shows like “WWE Superstars” and “WWE NXT“. Similarly, “Over the Limit” is the promotion’s brand new PPV and it drew some attention as it was the first PPV after this years’ Draft. Now let’s see if it worked or not:

The show began with the Intercontinental Title Match between Kofi Kingston and Drew McIntyre. Kofi took around six minutes to beat McIntyre and win the title. Drew requested Smackdown GM Teddy Long to reverse the decision. Fortunately for the viewers, that didn’t happen as McIntyre was paid back with his own coin by Matt Hardy, the guy whom Drew savagely beat some weeks ago.

The next match was between R-Truth and Ted DiBiase, accompanied by Virgil yet gain. The match could live up t the expectation and the way Truth managed a pinfall victory; it seemed DiBiase have picked up some sort of injury.

The third match of the night had some good build ups earlier. It was between Rey Mysterio and CM Punk. The stipulation of the match was that if Rey loose, he will join Punk’s Straightedge Society; but if he wins, Punk will have his head shaved. At one point, the match looked pretty boring but the superstars picked it up nicely from there and created a terrific closing sequence. Rey won the match and Brutus Beefcake appeared to shave Punk’s head nearly bald.

The next match was between The Hart Dynasty and the team of The Miz and Chris Jericho. The Canadians won the match after they hit a Hart Attack on Miz and retained their title. This was followed by the match between Randy Orton and Edge. But it seemed Randy picked up an injury during the match and the wrestlers improvised a double count out finish, something that was not a part of the booking.

The match between Big Show and Jack Swagger failed to impress as WWE decided go to with their age old and irritating cop-out finish. Swagger intentionally disqualified himself and had some serious beating from Show. But the fans didn’t the ending at all.

The final match of the night between Dave Batista and WWE Champion John Cena was a good one. Cena forced Dave to say “I Quit” and kept the title. This might well be the last match of Batista as he has plans to retire from professional wrestling soon. When Cena was celebrating his victory, Sheamus showed up and kicked the champ to set the feud.


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