Hulk Hogan May Not Wrestle Ever Again

Hulk Hogan’s career as a wrestler may have finally come to an end. Hulk Hogan aka Terry Gene Bollea recently had undergone a back surgery. The operation was successful but Hogan, reportedly, is being advised to stay from active wrestling as further injury may turn out to be a fatal one for him. Hulk is with TNA now-a-days along with former WCW and WWE Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff and TNA officials believe, a re-union of Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff will repeat history, yet again.

But Hulk has never competed in a singles wrestling match inside a TNA ring. He, however, was scheduled to fight against Abyss and Sting. But the plan died in the bud after doctors showed him a red signal. Hogan didn’t appear in any of TNA shows last week including the PPV. But he was present in Chicago for an autograph session. During his appearance for the autograph session, Hulk was asked about his current physical condition. Hogan was in a light mood as he answered that he had five back surgeries already during his 30 year old wrestling career. He said he is recovering well and is almost in a condition to get back to his regular fitness training schedule. He admitted that his chances to get back to a wrestling ring again are thin. He said his body has already been though a lot and he can’t “afford any more broken things”. Hogan reportedly has taken some time off to heal his injury and TNA officials have apparently agreed to his request as he is not currently in the focus of storylines.


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