Vince Speaks Out in a Candid Interview

The Connecticut Post recently had a rare in-depth interview with WWE Chairman Vincent Kennedy McMahon. The 64 year old business tycoon opened himself up to his hometown publication where he both praised and defended his company.

WWE Storyline: Vince admitted that at times he did regret some of the storylines, but he made it very clear that those were things “from the past”.  He said some people say from “an elitist point of view” that they don’t watch WWE. But when you have 16 million viewers in USA only who watch WWE programming, you surely know that a considerable number of people in USA loves this and watch this every single week.

New Drug-Testing Procedure: Vince has made it clear that his company was and till date is very strict against the usage of performance-enhancing drugs. In fact, WWE runs a rehab program for all the former WWE superstars and any professional wrestler who seeks their help. He said the only “RAW” material one can find in WWE is their talented superstars.

On Benoit Murder: Both Vince and WWE has remained very tight-lipped on Benoit murder issue. But during this interview, he clearly stated that WWE or its tight schedule has nothing to do with Benoit and his death. “Who knows what clicks in somebody’s head one day”? He said since the advent of this business, nothing like that had ever happened and “it goes back to Abraham Lincoln”.

Mike Mooneyham, a South-Carolina based journalist who is covering professional wrestling for 45 years, said Vince’s success is a true “rags-to-riches” story.  From his life in an 8 foot wide trailer in North-Carolina to becoming “the most influential power broker in the history of the wrestling business” had been a tough job. But Vince did it in style and took the industry to a completely new level.  Vince’s wife Linda McMahon is running for US Senate; Vince said he’s very proud of his wife and is going to vote for her. Vine is away from the ring since the “kayfabe” attack on him by the Nexus and there are no plans for him to return to the ring, said Robert Zimmerman, WWE spokesperson. But since it is WWE, you never know!


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