TNA’s “Eliminate the Hate” Campaign, ECW Legend Sabu to be Released, Dixie Wishes Linda Luck

TNA recently launched a campaign against bullying named “Eliminate the Hate”.  The organization has plans to air PSA’s on TNA programs and also across the web. Spike TV and TNA has partnered with Sirius XM Radio to spread their message through radio as well. TNA stars like Mr. Anderson, The Pope, Matt Morgan and Kazarian has already filmed their promos for the campaign. The campaign supported TNA World Champion Jeff Hardy’s act of standing by a teenager named Tyler who had been a victim of bullying. Hardy invited him to Orlando for a TNA show and spent some quality time with the kid.

ECW legend Sabu was recently informed by the TNA officials that after ‘Turning Point’ on 11.07.10, the creative team is in no position to use him in the current storyline. Sabu will be a member of team EV 2.0 against Fortune. The match has a stipulation where the winning team can pick an opponent of their choice who will be immediately fired. TNA officials informed that the match stipulation has nothing to do with Sabu’s release.

Individual respect and courtesy overshadowed professional rivalry! TNA President Dana White and WWE’s Linda McMahon are certainly not best of friends. But Dixie decided to support Linda on her Senate run. She made a Tweet recently that said: “Good luck today to Linda McMahon. I think she’d be a great senator. Get out and vote!!!” Hats off Dixie, you’re a star!


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