Fight Card Set for “The Ultimate Fighter 12” Finale

The final fight card for Saturday’s TUF 12 Finale is now officially ready. There had been some recent inclusions to the card which includes a bout between Jonathan Brookins and Michael Johnson to determine “The Ultimate Fighter” 12 champion. There is also another match that has been booked between Nam Phan and Leonard Garcia for the featherweight bout.

This event is scheduled to take place at The Pearl located at Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas. The main card of this event will be aired on Spike TV. In the televised event, TUF 12 Finale is headlined with a match of light heavyweight Stephan Bonnar against Igor Pokrajac. Two other matches, a middleweight fight between Demian Maia and Kendall Grove and a welterweight bout between Johny Hendricks and Rick Story, are also scheduled to be aired.

The TV broadcast may include some six-fight preliminary card if time permits which includes “TUF 12” cast members like Cody McKenzie, Sako Chivitchian and Aaron Wilkinson. But Alex Caceres, a notable performer, is not performing in the “TUF 12” Finale. Some sources say he was scheduled to meet Phan but was forced to step down due to a late injury. He, will, however, fight for UFC in future. The full line-up for “TUF 12” Finale is as follows:


* Stephan Bonnar vs. Igor Pokrajac

* Jonathan Brookins vs. Michael Johnson (“TUF 12” championship)

* Kendall Grove vs. Demian Maia

* Rick Story vs. Johny Hendricks

* Leonard Garcia vs. Nam Phan


* Rich Attonito vs. Dave Branch

* Pablo Garza vs. Fredson Paixao

* Will Campuzano vs. Nick Pace

* Kyle Watson vs. Sako Chivitchian

* Ian Loveland vs. Tyler Toner

* Cody McKenzie vs. Aaron Wilkinson


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