Mark Henry as World Champion: is WWE too late?

Mark Henry World ChampionMark Henry probably is having the best run of his career. He took a monstrous heel turn, demolished talents such as Big Show, Kane, The Great Khali and later feuded with other fan favorites such as Sheamus and Randy Orton. Not only that, he won the World Heavyweight Championship from Orton as well and later defended the same against the Viper in the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view.

Mark Henry is definitely on a roll these days and fans are hating him even more with each passing day (That’s definitely an achievement for a heel character, people boo him because they somehow relate with this evil character) and the heat is definitely on “The World’s Strongest Man” now. However, the question remains that why WWE took so much long time to promote the talent that Mark Henry had within? If he can turn out to be a monster destroying everything in his path, why WWE never came up with the idea of giving Henry similar persona in his entire career until recently?

What I personally believe to be good for WWE is: let Mark Henry continue his destructive run. He already looks fierce and has the body structure to make his character look believable for fans. Let him run for the World Heavyweight Championship for a few months at least. The bigger the rein of this guy will be, the bigger are the chances for WWE to use this superstar even more. I agree that Mark Henry does not have many years left in him now (Probably 1 or 2 years), but, given WWE’s failure in promoting the new talents (Most of them are equally awful anyway) in recent years, Mary Henry, as a vicious character will only help the company in enticing audiences to follow a rivalry.

To conclude with, WWE has definitely been late. However, probably the creative team has understood finally that Mark Henry has potential and can be a true main event superstar. I personally see hope as Mark Henry defeated Randy Orton twice in a row in two successive pay-per-view events. After all, Randy Orton is one of the two most favored superstars in WWE (No prizes for guessing the other name, it’ John Cena) and with Mark Henry defeating him twice, WWE surely has a plan in place for Mark Henry. Whatever may be, we wish Mark Henry all the best for the rest of his career, he surely deserves this.


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