Jim Ross firing from WWE: a wise angle from the company?

Jim Ross WWEThough the initial firing episode and then Jim Ross’s outburst on Twitter left many thinking that the veteran announcer was actually fired from the company; it doesn’t seem to be a real thing anymore. We all noticed how Jim Ross reacted on his firing; unlike his natural calm persona, he actually sounded very furious, particularly he was very critical of John Laurinaitis, the interim RAW General Manager. Jim Ross hinted that he was the guy who helped Laurinaitis to get a job in WWE after WCW was shut down. Jim Ross also pointed that Laurinaitis has changed a lot since then.

However, we all noticed that Jim Ross was still selling his barbeques via the official website of WWE, which shouldn’t have been the case if he was actually fired. Though Jim Ross tried to deal the barbeque point via his tweets, it was never credible enough and with recent actions of Laurinaitis in RAW, it is pretty much clear now that this entire firing angle is for nothing but storyline purpose. Now, the question is what WWE actually plans to do with this storyline! Both of the guys involved are not wrestlers, so probably an ending with a wrestling match does not seem viable enough.

Many believe that WWE actually intend to ensure a larger power struggle angle in the company where Laurinaitis will be seen in one side and Triple H will be on the other. It’s much not clear that which side Stephanie and Vince will take (Well, in real life, they are wife and father-in-law of Triple H respectively, but storyline wise, anything can happen, it’s WWE after all), but with Jim Ross’s recent comment and the latest announcements of Laurinaitis (Particularly putting Jim Ross in a wrestling tag-team match) paves the way for the veteran announcer to support Triple H in the latter’s quest to become the top authority of the company.


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