The Undertaker Is Going To Return For WrestleMania 28

The UndertakerWell, this is certainly a piece of news that will make the entire WWE universe happy. The Undertaker is indeed returning back to the company, it is confirmed now. Though the WWE officials have not declared anything as of yet directly, but, insider sources reveal that the Dead man had a successful shoulder and hip operation. He will start his training soon as well and it is expected that he will be completely fit to wrestle in the upcoming WrestleMania to be held in Miami.

It is also stated that the opponent of the Undertaker in WrestleMania has already been decided. We really don’t have any names as of yet and we will definitely let the Wrestler Speaks visitors know about it as soon as we get an update.

The Undertaker probably will wrestle in his final WrestleMania this time and his match will be the Top 2 match of the event. The top spot obviously will be taken by the bout between The Rock and John Cena, which has been advertised since the previous version of this Pay Per View. Now, the biggest question remains unanswered is when and how will the Undertaker return to WWE? May be Royal Rumble, may be earlier! Well, what I think is the latest will be Royal Rumble, not later than that. After all, WWE will need some time to build the heat around another epic encounter of The Undertaker in WrestleMania 28.

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