Alistair Overeem speaks on his UFC 141 bout against Brock Lesner

Brock Lesner Vs Alistair OvereemA true UFC fan must be waiting for the ultimate showdown to take place at UFC 141 on 30th December. Well, if you still have not got it, I am talking about the bout to take place between Brock Lesner and Alistair Overeem. These two huge independent circuit superstars (The former had a successful WWE career as well) will fight it out for becoming the No.1 contender to the UFC heavyweight championship. The winner will ultimately face Junior dos Santos, who knocked out Cain Velasquez last November to win the championship.

The bout between Lesner and Overeem has already garnered huge hype among the fans and the recent comment made by Overeem has only helped to boost the same. The 31 year old fighter, who is considered to be one of the top five heavyweights in the world now, stated that he can definitely match power with Brock Lesner. Not only that, he pointed out that the official UFC Poster publicizing their match has side by side measurements of the two and it clearly indicates that Overeem is a bigger man.

Overeem incidentally is yet to lose a match in UFC and already has a 10-0 winning streak. According to him, he was not lucky enough to born as a great MMA fighter, but, he worked hard, trained a lot and that has helped him to become great. He also added that he made many sacrifices throughout his life and it’s his time to claim the gold by winning the UFC Heavyweight Championship.

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Who do you think is going to win the bout between Overeem and Lesner? I would appreciate if you vote for your favorite and also share your ideas on why that person will win. If you are a fan of Brock Lesner, you can check out this book written by the former WWE wrestler himself.


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