WWE Money In The Bank Match May Return To WrestleMania and Why It Will Be A Good Decision?

WWE Money In The BankWWE Money In The Bank match may be brought back to WrestleMania this year, according to some insider reports. The WWE officials are considering a place for this match in the official WrestleMania 28 card. Incidentally, way back in 2005, for the first time, WWE Money in the Bank match was held in the grandest stage of them all and it became immensely popular among the fans. WWE continued to organize the match till 2010 continuously; however, they came up with a pay-per-view dedicated to the match in 2010. Last year, WWE decided to scrap the idea of a MITB (Abbreviation of Money In The Bank if you don’t understand) match in the WrestleMania altogether and went ahead only with the pay-per-view. The pay-per-view was great, partially because of the two WWE Money In The Bank matches, but mainly because of the amazing contest between CM Punk and John Cena.

Now, how does it bring extra benefits to WWE or what are the associated disadvantages if MITB is brought back to WrestleMania card? To be very honest, WWE Money In The Bank match became almost an integral part of the WrestleMania card and I never liked the fact that it was removed. However, if WWE indeed is able to pull this match back in WrestleMania, I think it will benefit the company in the longer run. Why do I think so? Below are my reasons:

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There should be single WWE Money In The Bank Match

Well, I am not against two different WWE Money In The Bank matches for two different brands, but, if there is a single match, chances are huge that the wrestler, who wins, will get immense heat almost instantly (Be it positive or negative). It’s always better than sharing the winner’s prize than winning single, isn’t it?

If the WWE Money In The Bank match becomes a part of WrestleMania, there will be no such scope of two different MITB matches.

WWE Money In The Bank pay-per-view buy rate

Make no mistake here! I have already mentioned it that Money In The Bank in 2011 was an awesome event. However, that’s where the problem lies. An awesome event does not necessarily translate into huge pay-per-views (Take an example from MITB 2011). Also, even if it does, it will be very hard for WWE to bring such excitement to this year’s event as well. The rivalries and matches were so wisely put last year; I doubt it’s almost impossible to replicate the success this New Year.

More opportunity for Mid-Carders in WrestleMania

If you are a true fan of wrestling, you must have not enjoyed the Snooki match in WrestleMania last year. I mean the Jersey Shore star is good at entertaining audiences, but, she is horrible when it comes to wrestling. Personally, though it had credible superstars, I didn’t like the Team BigShow vs. The Corre match either.

With a Money In The Bank match in the WrestleMania card, the mid-carders will have much better opportunity to showcase their talent. There will be only one winner, no doubt about that, but, some other superstars may do some high flying moves, show some amazing in-ring skills, ultimately helping their own careers. Also, a bunch of bad wrestlers participating in a string of matches is far worse than a single WWE Money In The Bank match with all the mid-carders (Or, some upper carders without a strong enough rivalry). The latter will bring magic to any event, so why not make WrestleMania magical!

It seems that wise decision has ultimately been taken by WWE as far as the Money In The Bank match is concerned. Do you want to see the WWE Money In The Bank match in WrestleMania, a separate pay-per-view or at both?

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